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About Stephanie

My Vision


I am passionate about health and wellness, and my desire is to help people transform their lives, reverse disease and go forward in their lives with energy and well being.


As a yoga teacher, I understand that yoga can be a transformational practice, which can still and focus the mind, creating a space of clarity and awareness.  It guides our focus inward, where we can rest in the presence of God.  It helps to create a state of reflection, compassion and understanding.  At the same time it is very beneficial to the body:  renewing the body, strengthening, toning, relaxing, healing and de-stressing the body.  

And while it is true that the essence of who we are is not our body, still, it is what carries us through this human life.  For me, this is where yoga and nutrition intermix:   in their unique way, they each support optimal health.

Through nutrition we can guide our body into long-term health, enabling us to live long, healthy, vibrant and purpose-filled lives.  Our body is a temple and incredibly intelligent.  If we feed it well, it will heal, it was designed to heal.

And this is my passion:  healing.

I have been vegan since my early teenage years, and although I did eat pretty good, it wasn't always optimal and I have had my own health challenges.   After intensely journeying through my own healing experience in 2012, I learned first hand the enormous healing power of real food.  For the past 10 years I have eaten a whole food plant based diet, which essentially is still vegan based but leaves out processed foods and damaging oils. In 2020, after a Covid-19 infection, I experienced auto-immune eczema and alopecia areata, which I since healed with a whole food plant-based diet.  Because of these experiences, I want to empower others and educate on the healing potential within each of our bodies and lifestyle choices.

I work from a perspective of understanding the systems of the body and the nutritional requirements at a cellular and microbiome level.  Looking at all areas of a clients diet and lifestyle, I provide targeted information, supplementation and dietary changes in a simplified day to day way.

I have been teaching yoga for over fourteen years, in Montreal, Mexico and Stratford.  I have spent an equal amount of years studying health and healing.  I have a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate through the T.Colin Campbell School of Nutrition eCronell, and am currently studying with the Edison Institute of Nutrition to become a holistic nutritionist. I also have multiple certificates from the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, Plantrician University and Doctors for Nutrition.

"I love Stephanie's very personable and connected voice in her yoga classes. She really has a way of making everyone feel included and able while encouraging gentle acceptance for exactly where one is at in their practice journey. Love her extra tips, stories, and especially her very solid and knowledgeable nutritional advice. She rocks!"  -Amber Williston, massage therapist

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