Yoga With Stephanie

About My Classes & Training

I have over a decade of experience teaching hatha, vinyasa, restorative and therapeutic yoga.  My classes are deep, safe, detailed and compassionate, a space of welcome where students relax into themselves.  


I encourage a practice of mindfulness and combine alignment, intelligent adjustments and freedom of breath with settling the nervous system.  Students move into the stability of each pose, opening their practice to new levels.  

​After experiencing the well being and healing that yoga can offer, I feel blessed to share what I have learned to help others open and heal their body, mind and heart.  


I studied for four years with Hart Lazer, who is an international teacher of incredible depth and insight.  I have also studied with his teacher Ramanand Patel who is considered a top student of B.K.S. Iyengar.  I have been teaching since 2009 in Montreal, Mexico and Stratford.

Certified Yoga Training


200hr Teacher Training with Hart Lazer

150hr Yoga Therapeutic Training with Hart Lazer

150hr Advanced Teacher Training with Hart Lazer &                                  Ramanand Patel

50hr Intensive with Hart Lazer & Ramanand Patel

50hr Intensive with Hart Lazer & Ramanand Patel


Certified Shiatsu Training

400hr Zen Shiatsu with Dragon & Phoenix School of                                Shiatsu Montreal

110hr Advanced Shiatsu with Dragon & Phoenix                                        School of Shiatsu Montreal





"Steph goes deep. She brings a profound thoughtfulness and thankfulness to her teaching practice. Her descriptions and demonstrations of poses facilitate a rediscovery of the body with every session in the studio." -Dan Buster, college teacher


"Stephanie is one of the rare teachers that kept me coming back.  In a world aimed at performance and style, her classes always keep focus on peace and wellbeing, where beginners and advanced practitioners alike can dive into the experience.  With gentle and deep concern for the health of each participant, great attention is given to the correct execution of each posture to avoid injury and maximize benefits, pushing limits only once the base is established.  Confidence and strength are the direct result.   
  - Melanie Poupart
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