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Gerson Therapy

4 Weeks to Wellness


This 4 week, private online course teaches step by step how to implement the Gerson Therapy:  an intensive natural method for  chronic disease & cancer.




Activate the body's healing response through nutrient dense whole food

Your body was designed to heal

that is what it does


given the conditions that facilitate healing.   

"A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is your best bet for preventing virtually every chronic diesase" 

-The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods

This course is good for anyone who is ready for deep and lasting lifestyle change...positive change that supports the healing systems of the body.

It has been designed out of my personal experience with the Gerson Therapy, which I did for 1.5 years and have since lived a gerson lifestyle for over six years.  I have spent hundreds of hours reading about and researching this therapy to deeply understand how it works, the metabolic processes within the body and the healing process.   I am also currently studying with the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

Learn step by step how to do the therapy in the comfort of your own home, with easy to understand and assimilate short videos and PDF sheets.

4 Weeks to Wellness Provides:

Video format explaining:

-history and education of the Gerson Therapy

-why organic foods

-what foods are permitted and how to prepare them

-what foods are omitted and why

-time effective ways of preparing foods 

-value and importance of juicing

-juice recipes and a juicing schedule

-detoxification with coffee enema

-how to prepare and do a coffee enema

-gerson therapy suggested supplements

-cellular use of natural sugars and health

-tips to create a non-toxic home environment

-mindfulness based techniques to still the mind

-the power of compassion and forgiveness

-practices to heal emotions and increase faith

-restorative yoga to settle the nervous system

PDF pages to print:

-beneficial food list

-foods to avoid

-weekly meal plans

-shopping list

-juicing recipes and schedule

-meal recipes

-supplement list

How is the course designed?

-4 weeks of education and assistance

-each week contains a series of videos detailing all essential parts of the   therapy: demonstrations and information.

- each video builds upon the last, as you begin to implement the therapy

-printable PDF sheets

-suggested resources, reading and videos

After completing the program, you will:

-have an understanding of how the body is designed to heal

-understand what helps and hinders the body's healing capacity

-feel energized

-have improved digestion

-have lost weight if you are over weight

-have healthier looking skin

-be on your path to wellness

What is the Gerson Therapy?

A comprehensive, holistic approach used to reverse chronic disease and cancer.   The Gerson Therapy floods the body with mass amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals from fresh raw and cooked organic fruits and vegetables.  This stimulates the body's natural immune response. The nutrition based part of the therapy includes up to 13 organic raw vegetable juices per day, in combination with large meals of specific fruits and vegetables.  Therapeutic levels of supplementation are included along with coffee enema

Free Online Gerson Videos:

The Beautiful Truth

Dying to Have Known

The Gerson Miracle

Charlotte Gerson on Cancer and Disease

Program FAQ

This program is online, through video format and PDF sheets.  A special members login allows you to always access the program.  You have lifetime access for only  $249

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: This page and this program is not in any way offered as prescription, diagnosis nor treatment for any disease, illness, infirmity or physical ailment.  Please see disclaimer on this website.

This 4 week online course will explain in detail with video format how to do the Gerson Therapy: a natural method renowned for healing chronic disease and cancer. Experience the healing power of the Gerson Therapy!
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"The body is capable of healing, all you have to do is restore and nourish those healing mechanisms...Fresh organic nutrients is the only thing the human body needs to work on."

-Charlotte Gerson



and health

are wealth!

Cherry Tomatoes

let food 

be your medicine!

Green Smoothie
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