Why Holistic



An integrative approach to optimal health.  Understanding that food and nutrition relate to all aspects of health, and that other factors, such as emotional, environmental and lifestyle affect health and the body's ability to heal.

Nutrition is the foundation, the first and most significant factor, to a healthy life.

Working together, we will focus on assessing your health and nutrition goals, your lifestyle, food preferences and your schedule.   


I work from a perspective of understanding the systems of the body, the nutritional requirements at a cellular level and at the level of the gut microbiota and its relationship to the immune system.

For example, the membranes lining the cells within the body are made of a phospholipid (fat) by-layer.  What determines the type of fatty acid present in the cell membrane is the type of fat you consume.  Without the right type of fat, cells simply do not function properly.

"According to modern pathology, or the study of disease processes, an alteration in cell membrane function is the central factor in the development of virtually every disease." 

-The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods

By introducing healing fats, and eliminating harmful fats, the body receives this as instructions and immediately can begin a healing process.


Research is overwhelmingly showing that dysfunction at the level of the gut microbiota is the causative/root factor of most chronic disease including food allergies and intolerances, hormonal imbalance, cardio-metabolic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as well as cognitive conditions such as brain fog, depression, anxiety, dementia and Alzheimers.  


Working together, we can optimize your gut function and look at all areas of your diet and lifestyle.  I can help to provide targeted information, supplementation and dietary changes in a simplified day to day way.


Healthy Snack

"I highly recommend Stephanie’s nutritional therapy services. She has a vast knowledge in nutrition and her services/programs reflect her passion. I felt Stephanie deeply considered my past health history and was able to effectively treat and assist with several issues. I love her holistic approach. This woman is blessed with knowledge, intuition and experience, which has made a huge difference in my health, as well as my family’s health. What a life changing gift. Thank you!"

-Kristen O'Hearn

Cherries Dessert


21 day healthy habit challenge.  Each day implementing:  nutrient dense food, meal plan, science of healing education, detox methods, yoga & prayer