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"I've been practicing yoga for six (6) years now, and by far, Stephanie Holliday is my favourite teacher. She taught me patience, and above all, how to be kind to myself. Stephanie is radiant, knowledgeable, and is probably the only instructor I know that was ACTUALLY born to be a yoga instructor. Trust me, you will always look forward to attending her classes; she's the BEST!" -Christos Sourligas, film producer


"Stephanie is an excellent yoga teacher, wise and informed, with many years of devoted personal practice. She is a lovely, loving teacher, connected, tuned-in, and approachable. She was adored by her loyal students in Montreal, where she offered truly wonderful and deep classes. Stephanie genuinely assists people in slowly building their own safe, well-aligned, seasonally and emotionally appropriate practices. She is a gem."  -Leah R Vineberg, yoga teacher

"Stephanie is one of the rare yoga teachers that kept me coming back. In a world aimed at performance and style, her classes always keep focus on peace and wellbeing, where beginners and more advanced practitioners alike can dive into the experience. With gentle and deep concern for the health of each participant, great attention is given to the correct execution of each posture to avoid injury and maximise benefits, pushing limits only once the base is established. Confidence and strength are the direct result."  -Melanie Poupart

"Stephanie is a great yoga teacher, she has that genuine and warm personality that makes you feel special. She taught me so much while attending her yoga classes: Wisdom, Faith, ways to get my Inner Peace (and keep it) and to live the Present. Stephanie is amazing, nothing else! " -Nadine Deloriere


​"Stephanie is an extraordinary yoga teacher. She is excellent at sequencing poses and highly attentive to alignment. She is extremely sensitive to individual needs and can adapt yoga to any student who walks in her class. She is so knowledgeable and accessible that there are always students eagerly waiting to ask her questions about their practice after class. I guarantee you that you will leave her class feeling fabulous, every single time"  -Hannah Roberts Brockow, yoga teacher


"Stephanie is one of my favorite yoga teachers ever! Not only do her meditations encourage me to look inside myself and discover new ways of viewing the world, but her posturing and sequences always leave my body feeling replenished, refreshed, flexible, and strong."  -Claire Kenway

"Steph goes deep. She brings a profound thoughtfulness and thankfulness to her teaching practice. Her descriptions and demonstrations of poses facilitate a rediscovery of the body with every session in the studio." -Dan Buster


"Stephanie made a profound difference in my life's journey. She is the first whose teachings resonated with me on all levels. Integrated, holistic, subtle, but powerful in her approach, Stephanie awakened me to myself and universal consciousness."  -Marriane Manuge


"Stephane's teachings touch all aspects of the being; at the same time physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  When leaving her class, one feels very very fulfiled."
Les enseignements de Stephanie touchent tous les aspects d l'être; à la fois physique, émotif, intellectuel et spirituel. En sortant de sa classe, on se s
ent vraiment vraiment comblé."  -Chantale Lemeiux


"Stephanie brought yoga into my life - and I mean this in two ways. I have practiced yoga regularly ever since taking her initiation class over three years ago now. Beyond this, Stephanie presents the practice in a way that bridges your experience in class and on your matt with the rest of your life. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful foundation she provided me, and I still draw on her knowledge and wisdom, in and outside of class." - Dawn Dodds

"Stephanie is a wonderful yoga teacher. I took classes with her in Montreal and always felt supported and rejuvenated after her classes. I highly recommend her."  -Jennifer Gasoi, Grammy Award wining musician


"I love Stephanie's very personable and connected voice in her classes. She really has a way of making everyone feel included and able while encouraging gentle acceptance for exactly where one is at in their practice journey. Love her extra tips, stories, and especially her very solid and knowledgeable nutritional advice. She rocks!"  -Amber Williston


"Stephanie is such a wonderful and caring instructor. She was always willing to stay after class to discuss any concerns that I had and gave me great tips. I miss her."  -Cherylyn Toca


"Stephanie is a great yoga teacher. She is in tune with her students and her style of teaching creates a safe and calm atmosphere. Her classes were very appreciated in the Montreal yoga community, and we miss her greatly!  Having Stephanie on your team is definitely a plus. She has a solid training and a lot of experience as a teacher."  -Virginie Riopel, yoga teacher

"Stephanie shares her passion of yoga in each class. I learnt a lot about my body and had a really amazing experience. She gave me great advice to deepen my practice. I am only sorry I cannot follow her any more!"  -Matilda Sanchez  Assouline


"I had Stephanie as a teacher for the beginner classes at Studio Bliss in Montreal. She helped me a lot to learn to do the basic poses correctly and to develop the core strength I needed. She is a great yoga teacher".  -Seamus McClare

"I had the pleasure of accompanying Stephanie's classes, (  and she leads a deep, meditative practice. Very sensitive and well-tuned guidance. She's a great yoga teacher!"  -Matt Wiviott, musician

"Stephanie Holliday was one of my first yoga teachers.  I met her in September 2011, she was teaching at Centre Kinesphere in Montreal.  I was immediately taken by her smile and gentleness.  Her soft calm voice guided me into a new universe that I peacefully discovered.  During her classes she encouraged us and gave us the desire to continue.  She corrects our postures and offers variations, we felt supported.  After class she is always available to reply to questions.  She listens well and has a lot of compassion.
With time she passed on to me her love of yoga and I could see the extent of her knowledge of alignment, anatomy and nutrition.  Both with the practise of asanas and the philosophy of yoga. 
Stephanie is loved by everyone.  She is very inspiring and I am thankful to all she did for me.  Gratitude."
-Charles Théoret, yoga teacher

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