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My Healing Experience

As a teenager, like many, I had acne.  It continued into my twenties and early thirties.  I also had menstrual/hormonal imbalance and infertility.  


I was always seeking answers, ways to heal.  At this time, there was no internet, and the medical system had no answers.  I was told that it would get better, and that food choices did not matter.  


After the internet became a normal part of daily life, I researched intensely.  At this point, I had adopted a vegan lifestyle for over 15 years.  However "veganism", as any diet philosophy can have weaknesses.  I came to understand that I had to make some serious changes in order to heal.  To this day, I still eat vegan, however it would be better described as a whole food plant-based diet (WFPB).  


I don't especially like labels, and don't identify myself from them.  However, for me eating WFPB/vegan has always felt right, both physically and ethically.

I spent 1.5 years healing my body.  I completely cut out any packaged, boxed, processed food.  I introduced juicing and was making 8-10 fresh-pressed green and carrot juices each day.  I eliminated salt as it can activate Th2 helper cells to become pathogenic and upregulate auto-immune disease and stop the healing process.  I introduced practices to support my liver and detoxification pathways.  I hyper-nourished with a WFPB and offered myself compassion and self-love.  Balancing my body was my priority.  It was a difficult, beautiful, deeply healing experience which cleared my acne, nourished my body, healed unresolved emotions and allowed me to birth to gorgeous healthy children.

When the body heals, it does not heal selectively.  It has an innate intelligence and balances everything in time.​

8 years later, in 2020 after an infection from Covid-19, my immune system was challenged and developed auto-immune eczema and alopecia areata.  As I had this foundational experience of reversing disease, I cycled back to it and spent another 1.5 years healing these 2 conditions. 

Having lived these experiences of restoring health and reversing disease, I feel compelled to share my knowledge and help those who find their way onto my path.



Fresh Vegetable Juices

Organic Whole Foods


Super Alimentation

Therapeutic Supplementation

Metabolic Healing

Rebuilding Body Systems

Self love





21 day healthy habit challenge.  Each day implementing:  nutrient dense food, meal plan, science of healing education, detox methods, yoga & prayer

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