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My Healing Experience

Healing With The Gerson Therapy

After 20 years of chronic acne, menstrual imbalances and infertility, I realized I needed to heal my body.  

When someone close to me had cancer, I began researching cancer; what it is and how it can be healed.  I wanted to know how to actually heal the body, get to the root of the issue, rebuild the systems of the body, and continue to live a long and healthy life.  In my research, I continued to find information about The Gerson Therapy.   The Gerson Therapy is an intensive natural therapy, renowned for healing cancer and advanced diseases. A peer reviewed study, concluded the five year survival rates "are considerably higher than those reported elsewhere".

I decided to do the Gerson Therapy, at home, and spent 1.5 years of my life 100% dedicated to the therapy and healing my body.  It was a difficult, beautiful, deeply healing experience, which cleared my acne, nourished my body, healed unresolved emotions and allowed me to birth two gorgeous healthy children.

The Gerson Therapy floods the body with mass amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals from fresh raw and cooked organic fruits and vegetables.  This stimulates the body's natural immune response. The nutrition based part of the therapy includes up to 13 organic raw vegetable juices per day, in combination with large meals of specific fruits and vegetables.  Therapeutic levels of supplementation are included along with coffee enemas.

When the body truly heals, it does not heal selectively, everything starts to heal.  The Gerson Therapy has success in treating many cancers and chronic health conditions.  

Having lived the experience of this therapy, I have great respect for it.  For further information, contact the Gerson Treatment Center.  



Gerson Therapy

Fresh Vegetable Juices

Specific Organic Whole Foods

Coffee Enemas


Super Alimentation

Therapeutic Supplementation

Metabolic Healing

Rebuilding Body Systems



21 day healthy habit challenge.  Each day implementing:  nutrient dense food, meal plan, science of healing education, detox methods, yoga & prayer

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