Private appointments with Stephanie, to work on your personal health goals. Whether you want to book a single session or a package, we work together at your pace.  In person, by telephone or skype.

INITIAL CONSULTATION                                         BOOK NOW               $100


Initial Consult is divided between two appointments of 45 minutes each.

Session #1 | Intake Session 

An overview  of your full health history for me to better understand your body, health goals, nutrition concerns, lifestyle and food preferences. This information is used to create a customized nutrition plan for you.

Session #2 | Wellness Plan

In this appointment, we review your wellness plan together.   Foods and supplements are recommended to support, nourish and balance your body.  

FOLLOW UP           BOOK NOW                                                 $75/hr                                                                                                                                             

Continued support as you implement your wellness goals.  This can include help with meal planning, answers to questions that arise, educational support with digestive or health symptoms.  I am here, as you need, to support you.



@ YOGA COLLECTIVE                      BOOK NOW                         $75 


A card for five classes at the Yoga Collective, valid for four months.  Hatha Therapeutic yoga,  appropriate for all ages and levels.  Combination of movement, long held postures and restorative.  Therapeutic emphasis on postures and any injuries/conditions are addressed.  Deep, detailed and challenging within a safe context.

PRIVATE CLASSES        BOOK NOW                           $100/1.5hr       


Excellent for both beginner and experienced students.  Individualized attention enables detail to adjustments, alignment and modifications of postures to help you deepen your understanding and your physical practice.  It can allow you to build a safe and appropriate home practice for your needs or to prepare you for group classes.

GROUP CLASSES    BOOK NOW                                         $120/1.5hr


Excellent for people who do not enjoy group classes, want more individualized attention or wish to share the cost of private classes with one or more friends.  Create your own small group and have all the advantages of private classes.

THERAPEUTIC CLASSES        BOOK NOW                        $100/1.5hr


A gentle practice specific to your needs, to bring relief to a symptom or health condition.  Examples include, digestive and menstrual issues, chronic pain, sciatica, arthritis, and anxiety.



CHRONIC DISEASE & CANCER   BOOK NOW                             $249


A four week private on-line course that walks you through, step by step, how to implement the Gerson Therapy at home.  This is an intensive natural  therapy used for chronic disease and cancer.  It can also be used as prevention and to create deep and lasting lifestyle changes. A natural therapy for healing the body, it detoxifies and restores function to organ and body systems.



A 21 day program that builds upon itself.  Each day provides a high nutrient vegan meal plan, a new recipe, a wellness habit to build into your lifestyle, education on a specific food or supplement, a yoga posture and its benefits and a spiritual component of mindfulness and biblical scripture to heal emotions and build faith.  Designed in a gentle way that is easy to integrate into your life.

DIGESTIVE HEALING PROGRAM    BOOK NOW                         $99


We all experience digestive upset.  This program will educate you on the digestive system, what potentially bothers it and how to heal it.  You will learn how to identify food allergies and intolerances, enabling you to remove them from your diet.  Education on evidence based strategies to implement, food choices and supplements.  If you often experience fatulence, bloating, headaches, ezcema, psoriasis, acne, brain fog, irritable bowel, constipation, spastic colon, chron's disease or other digestive issues this program will be helpful.

"Stephanie is an excellent yoga teacher, wise and informed, with many years of devoted personal practice. She is a lovely, loving teacher, connected, tuned-in, and approachable. She was adored by her loyal students in Montreal, where she offered truly wonderful and deep classes. Stephanie genuinely assists people in slowly building their own safe, well-aligned, seasonally and emotionally appropriate practices. She is a gem."  
-Leah Vineberg, Yoga Teacher


Stratford, Ontario

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Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile. 

Sometimes your smile is the source of your joy.