Nutrition Consult




Private appointments, to work on your personal health goals. Whether you want to book a single session or a package, we work together at your pace.  In person, by telephone or zoom.


INITIAL CONSULTATION                                                                 $ 100


Initial Consult is divided between 2 appointments.

Session #1 | Intake Session:  15 minutes

An overview  of your full health history for me to better understand your body, health goals, nutrition concerns, lifestyle and food preferences. This information is used to create a customized nutrition plan for you.

Session #2 | Wellness Plan:  45 minutes

In this appointment, we review your wellness plan together.   Foods and supplements are recommended to support, nourish and balance your body.  

FOLLOW UP                                                                                     $60/hr                                                                                                                                         

Continued support as you implement your wellness goals.  This can include help with meal planning, answers to questions that arise, educational support with health symptoms.  I am here, as you need, to support you.


Cherries Dessert
Healthy Snack

"Under Stephanie's loving and wise guidance, I have been adjusting my diet to heal my food-related skin issue, notably debilitating eczema in my face and on my arms and torso. 

Stephanie educated me on the ins and outs of healthy nutrition, without ever coming off as judgmental about my (sometimes quite horrendous) prior food choices. 


Stephanie readily shares her wisdom, not only about nutrition-related matters, but healing in general. This has made her advice indispensable to me, as she is guiding me in healing my body and mind. For me, this is of the utmost importance, as I believe one doesn't exist without the other and so healing must occur on all levels, in order to prevent set-backs and relapses.


Stephanie is dedicated, approachable, committed to finding answers that will lead to tangible results and best of all, she does all this in an effortless and sweet manner. I am forever grateful for her help and recommend her services without any hesitation. "


Barbara Kraemer, Montreal