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Diploma in Holistic Nutrition

Edison Institute of Nutrition

Graduated with Honors 2024

Plant-Based Nutrition Certification

T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies & eCornell University

May 2021

Plant-Based 101 Certificate

Plant-Based Interventions for Diabetes Certificate

Cancer Prevention Certificate

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

August 2021

Functional Immunology & Autoimmune Dysfunction Certificate

Atrium Innovations

November 2022

Prescribing Nutrition Certificate

Doctors for Nutrition

December 2022

Plant-Based Fundamentals Certificate

Helping Children Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet Certificate

Nutrition, Cognition & Dementia Certificate

Mastering Diabetes Certificate

Plantrician Universtiy

December 2022

I have over 2500 hours studying nutrition, health and disease. 

My interest is in helping people to restore health and balance within their body and mind.  

I take complex issues and simplify them for you!

I understand the mechanisms of disease, the biochemical reactions and how to support the body in reversing those mechanisms.

Many different systems can be considered when restoring health.  A main focus is often the role of the gut microbiome, systemic inflammation and improper immune response.   

Other areas of focus could include cellular health and the mitochondria, the role of the liver and how to support its function, balancing digestive and hormonal dysfunctions, detoxification, hyper-nourishment to flood the body with the nutrients and enzymes it needs to run the healing pathways, and the role of epigenetics:  how diet and lifestyle affect gene expression, upregulating healthy genes and downregulating genes which express disease.

You have power over your health.  

Everything you eat can and will direct your body into health - or into disease.  The moment you make a healthy food choice, is the moment the body begins to receive nourishment.  

Health and nutrition is my passion and I am excited to share it with you!

Learn more about my services,

and how we can work together.

"For the first time in 20 years, I feel good about food!  Working with Stephanie has given me the knowledge and guidance to stop fighting with food , and learn how to use it for healing.


Her approach is gentle and caring, and I whole heartedly recommend her nutritional training.  If you are battling a disease, caring for loved one that is, or wanting to loose weight or improve health in anyway Stephanie can help! 


Enjoy a cup of tea and learn how to heal."

-Morgan Gingerich Medical Esthetician

Cherries Dessert
Green Goodness
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