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"I highly recommend Stephanie’s nutritional therapy services. She has a vast knowledge in nutrition and her services/programs reflect her passion. I felt Stephanie deeply considered my past health history and was able to effectively treat and assist with several issues. I love her holistic approach. This woman is blessed with knowledge, intuition and experience, which has made a huge difference in my health, as well as my family’s health. What a life changing gift. Thank you!"  -Kristen O'Hearn

"Under Stephanie's loving and wise guidance, I have been adjusting my diet to heal my food-related skin issue, notably debilitating eczema in my face and on my arms and torso. 
Stephanie educated me on the ins and outs of healthy nutrition, without ever coming off as judgmental about my (sometimes quite horrendous) prior food choices. 

Stephanie readily shares her wisdom, not only about nutrition-related matters, but healing in general. This has made her advice indispensable to me, as she is guiding me in healing my body and mind. For me, this is of the utmost importance, as I believe one doesn't exist without the other and so healing must occur on all levels, in order to prevent set-backs and relapses.

Stephanie is dedicated, approachable, committed to finding answers that will lead to tangible results and best of all, she does all this in an effortless and sweet manner. I am forever grateful for her help and recommend her services without any hesitation."   -Barbara Kraemer, Montreal

"When western medicine couldn't give me the results I was looking for, I turned to Stephanie for a different approach to my gut health.  She constructed a detailed plan on how to get my gut health back.  Her recommendations were very practical to implement and mindful of our busy lifestyle.  

My only regret is that I didn't contact her sooner!

For those looking to heal to the root of symptoms as I was, I would recommend to immediately seek out Stephanie Holliday's holistic guidance and support." 

Laurin Padolina, Stratford

"I can honestly say that my entire family's lives have changed in a positive way from the nutritional information and guidance given by Stephanie. We are truly enjoying our new lives and Stephanie has been there for us every step of the way. She is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, professional, and personable and goes above and beyond to help us understand nutrition and encourage us along the way. I would 100% recommend Stephanie for her nutritional services. She is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks Steph!
-Renne, Stratford ON

"For the first time in 20 years, I feel good about food!  Working with Stephanie has given me the knowledge and guidance to stop fighting with food , and learn how to use it for healing.

Her approach is gentle and caring, and I whole heartedly recommend her nutritional training.  If you are battling a disease, caring for loved one that is, or wanting to loose weight or improve health in anyway Stephanie can help! 

Enjoy a cup of tea and learn how to heal."  -Morgan Gingerich Medical Esthetician

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