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Meet Stephanie...
I am passionate about health and wellness.  My mission is to help you heal with a science-based, root cause approach.  I am certified in plant based nutrition, am studying holistic nutrition and have been teaching yoga for over 12 years.  

   You can live symptom free!
Symptoms are a language the body uses to communicate something is unbalanced.  Working together we will address the underlying causes of symptoms and bring your body into balance



A nutrition consult...

Can help with a variety of issues including: 

  - optimizing the gut microbiome

  - strengthening the immune system

  - digestive and hormonal balance

  - identifying food allergies and intolerances

  - reversing chronic conditions

  - increasing vitality

  - creating healthy meal plans


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Cherries Dessert

"For the first time in 20 years, I feel good about food!  Working with Stephanie has given me the knowledge and guidance to stop fighting with food , and learn how to use it for healing."
-Morgan Gingerich, Medical Esthetician

"Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, professional and personable.  She goes above and beyond to help us understand nutrition and encourage us along the way.  I would 100% recommend her nutritional services.  She is a wealth of knowledge."

R & M

Women Stretching

"Stephanie is an excellent yoga teacher.  Wise and informed with many years of devoted personal practice..she was adored by her loyal students in Montreal, where she offered truly  wonderful and deep classes.   She is a gem."

-Leah Vineberg, yoga teacher

"Stephanie is an extraordinary yoga teacher. She is excellent at sequencing poses and highly attentive to alignment. She is extremely sensitive to individual needs and can adapt yoga to any student who walks in her class....I guarantee you that you will leave her class feeling fabulous, every single time"

 -Hannah Roberts Brockow, yoga teacher

Wellness is possible!  Let's work together.


21 day healthy habit challenge.  Each day implementing:  nutrient dense food, meal plan, science of healing education, detox methods, yoga & prayer

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