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Meet Stephanie 

I am passionate about health and wellness.  I am certified in plant based nutrition, a homeschooling mother to two young children, and have taught yoga for over 12 years.  Having experienced the power of whole foods to support and heal the body, my purpose is to share with you the awesome potential of healthy lifestyle choices.  

The Blog:  Living Life Deeply

All things health and wellness.  Food as medicine, nourishment, and enjoyment!  Whole food plant recipes.  Evidence based natural health tips.  Yoga and mindfulness.  God, compassion and living your purpose.  Let's touch life deeply with full awareness.

   S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

Nutrition Consult
Nutritional counselling can improve well being and help with a variety of issues including:  digestive and hormonal balance, identifying food allergies and intolerances, reversing chronic conditions, achieving long term healthy weight goals, optimal nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding and childhood, nourishing and detoxing the body and creating healthy and easy meal planning with delicious whole foods.

Yoga & Yoga Therapeutics
I offer over a decade of experience teaching a sensitive, deep, detailed approach to yoga and yoga therapeutics.  My classes are safe, detailed and compassionate.  I encourage a practice of mindfulness and combine alignment, intelligent adjustments and freedom of breath while settling the nervous system.  Move into the stability of each pose and open your practice to new levels.

"Stephanie is an extraordinary yoga teacher. She is excellent at sequencing poses and highly attentive to alignment. She is extremely sensitive to individual needs and can adapt yoga to any student who walks in her class....I guarantee you that you will leave her class feeling fabulous, every single time"  -Hannah Roberts Brockow, yoga teacher
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Bowl of Berries
"For the first time in 20 years, I feel good about food!  Working with Stephanie has given me the knowledge and guidance to stop fighting with food , and learn how to use it for healing."
-Morgan Gingerich, Medical Esthetician
Cherries Dessert
Women Stretching

"Stephanie is an excellent yoga teacher.  Wise and informed with many years of devoted personal practice..she was adored by her loyal students in Montreal, where she offered truly        wonderful and deep classes.   She is a gem."

-Leah Vineberg, yoga teacher



This 4 week, private online course teaches step by step how to implement the Gerson Therapy:  an intensive natural method for  chronic disease, cancer & prevention

Wellness is possible!  Let's work together.

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